There has been 85,000 new chemicals introduced into mainstream America since the end of world war 2. In the last 2 years, the EPA has only tested 4.

Thomas Palmieri

Family Safe Cleaning Products


What if you could switch to a professional strength cleaner that protects your employees, guests and contributes nothing to the landfill?

Bio+Green Crystals are proud to be the world's first non-toxic, ZERO-WASTE cleaning products.

Bio+Green Crystals products are not only eco-friendly in their operation but also protect the environment through reduced warehousing, transport, breakage and usage of shelf space. Our products have the ability to reduce the carbon footprint through all channels of value stream, making them the most favored option for our customers.

Randal L. Pool, PE, LEED® AP
Managing Principal, Director of Hospitality Design

*We recently received an endorsement letter from Randal Pool of Stantec stating that our cleaners would be eligible for LEED IEQ credits 3.1 and 3.3 and also eligible for an IO credit innovation point by using concentrated powder and reducing the carbon footprint required to ship liquid cleaner products.

Why ship water?

Eliminate the plastic bottles headed to the Landfill.
Storage becomes a non-issue.
Ensuring the safety of your guests and employees.

Our products are being embraced by Eco-Conscious Hotels, Inns and Resorts interested in assessing and improving their policies and practices.

Here are some that have recently started using the Bio Green Crystals cleaning product line:

Hotel Monaco
1101 4th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101
206-621-1770 Direct


Eco Beach Resort
Broome, WA Australia


The Inn at Dos Brisas
10000 Champion Drive
Washington, Texas 77880
979.277.3004 Direct
979.451.3410 Cell

Brass Lantern Inn
11 North Water Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
508-228-4064 Direct

Irving House at Harvard
24 Irving Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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