Exceeding Standards

All Bio Green Crystals are nontoxic, produce zero waste, are plant and mineral based, and made in the U.S.A.

Our line of cleaning products meets or exceeds the EPA's DfE standards in class and the Eco Logo Canada Standards in class.

how they work

Our commitment to provide you environmentally sound and family safe cleaning products drives everything we do. 

You simply drop a single five (5) gram sachet (pack) into an empty thirty-two (32) ounce bottle, add warm water to help the dissolving process and create the world’s most responsible cleaning product. There is no cutting, tearing or measuring, the entire sachet dissolves. And best of all, there is no waste!

These products are made using a proprietary process similar to the nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industries. The Bio+Green Crystals Compounds can be made up of bio based, plant and mineral derived surfactants. Our purification or crystallization process as we call it allows us to separate any unwanted chemical strands including volatile organic compounds. Unlike conventional cleaners, Bio+Green Crystals do not require MSDS (manufacturer safety data sheets) but are made available to retailers and online. They are all natural, non toxic and zero waste.
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